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DK Multichain Integration Increases NFT Liquidity 

This blog will outline how to migrate these cards from Polygon and Fantom to the Binance Smart Chain and why Duelist King is a leader in multi-chain technology. For more information on the card sale and to check out our cards in all their glory, you can buy them via the Duelist King website. 

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Meet the Team: DK CMO Nicole Nguyen

In part three of this mini-series, we feature our CMO of Duelist King, Nicole Nguyen. Nicole is a marketing expert, global speaker, and blockchain expert. In this short blog, we outline Nicole's role at Duelist King and her history in the industry.


Duelist King Lore Book: Chapter 3 (Erebor)

Chapter 3 of the Duelist King lore book will outline the lore surrounding another of Duelaria's many kingdoms, Erebor.

Duelist king alpha 2.0

Duelist King Releases its Public Alpha 2.0. Here’s How to Get Involved

After the success of our closed alpha last month, which saw thousands of you take part in a private alpha screening and provide countless rounds of player feedback, we want to take Duelist King to the next level by making it accessible to all of you. 


Meet the Team: DK Product Designer Nam Nguyen

Nam Nguyen is the product designer at Duelist King, responsible for designing Duelist King's main products. This mini-series showcasing the talent at Duelist King highlights Nam and what he does at the company.


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