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A Recap of the Duelist King Official Teaser Trailer

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Over the last week, we unveiled the first official teaser trailer for Duelist King and revealed a launch date of 20/3/2022.

In the coming weeks, we will be busy preparing for this launch as we fine-tune gameplay, unveil more of our V3 cards and engage with you, the community, to make sure when our game releases, it will have the smoothest and most engaging launch possible.

This blog will recap the teaser trailer detailing what it showed us.

A Deep Dive Into the Trailer

At the start of the trailer, we showcased some of the exclusive V3 cards we will be releasing next month. You might recognise a few, such as Dragon Slayer, Kerberos and the Invincible Swordsman, which we have been teasing on our social media. Likewise, we have asked you to help us write card stories for these cards.

Next, we showcased even more of our V3 cards with a fast-paced sizzle reel, showcasing brand new cards we have not yet teased. Each of these cards will get its own unique story and be teased on our socials, so keep an eye on our Twitter and other social media channels for more information about them.

As we highlighted last week, our V3 cards will only be available to those who stake $DKT to earn NFTs. Our staking NFT reward program is now live, so make sure to get staking to earn these exclusive cards. Read more on how to stake here.

As we approached the midway point of the trailer, we showcased the brand new gameplay of Duelist King. Our development teams have worked hard to finalise gameplay and polish game mechanics.

The trailer teased the core gameplay of Duelist King, such as powering up your cards and how Player vs Enemy combat will work. Likewise, as you will have noticed, our game’s visuals have vastly improved, with a sleek new design and improved user interface.

And that’s about it! Once again, we would like to thank you, the Duelist King community, for the support you have shown us since the beginning. This teaser trailer is just a brief glimpse into what you can expect from Duelist King when the game releases in March.

Get ready, Duelist King allies, for the fight of your life and be ready for war as you become Duelist King legend.

The Teaser is Just the Beginning

Our teaser trailer is just the beginning of what fans can expect in the coming months. As we prepare for launch, we will be ramping up engagement with our community, showcasing new features.

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