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Demo Release and the Strengthening of Alliances: DK Aims for the Stars

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Welcome back, Duelist King allies, for another exciting edition of our newsletter. The last few weeks at Duelist King have been monumental, we not only released our first closed alpha on March 3rd but doubled down harder than ever to broaden our partnerships and engage with you the community. Some might say, Duelist King is on fire at the moment, that’s because we are. 

Major Accomplishments 

  • We finally, did it! Yes, that’s right, we released our closed alpha version of Duelist King. On March 3rd, a landmark day in DK history we released our closed alpha to 2000 lucky whitelisted users. This was the first time, Duelist King was released into the wild, making it an incredibly important day.

  • We also asked you to provide feedback on the game for a chance at winning $1000 worth of NFTs, which is being worked on as we speak by our expert team of developers. Expect an improved version of the alpha, version 1.2 to release at the end of this month. We would once again like to thank the community for the positive response to our closed alpha and for the valuable feedback we have received.

  • We once again released intuitive educational blogs such as our DAO-focused blog and Duelist King in the Metaverse piece. Likewise, we released our first ever lore blog, expect more of these in the future.

  • On our website, we released new versions of our NFT cards, featuring next-level art design. You can check out the cards here


We doubled down on our AMA’s conducting sessions with, NFTGo.io, HundredDAO,  Hackernoon, and M3TA. Our CMO Nicole Nguyen featured on the Hackernoon slack channel last week, to conduct an exciting AMA with their community. 

CMO Nicole Nguyen featured on the Metaverse Insider, a premium news outlet in the Metaverse and Web3 space. You can check out the article here.

We launched a partnership with Gamerse, a platform that features NFT games. Duelist King will feature on Gamerse, reaping rewards from increased community engagement. 

Duelist King was listed on MEXC, after a kickstarter on the platform. Users contributed a total of 8,558,209.72485479 MX to vote for Duelist King.


We hosted more AMA’s on our Telegram, with game designer Bui Anh Vinh and returning guest Vincent Bui, taking questions from the community. You once again, failed to disappoint, asking some challenging questions.

Over the last couple of months, we have been showcasing our V3 cards, this month we released holograms of V3, on our social media channels.

We hosted our very own Gamify/NFT Hochiminh city meetup event with our friends from Ludena Protocol,FADO Go, and Crypto Vietnam. The meet was a huge success with a large turnout. Look for more meetups like these in the future.

We kept up with our game on the weekend challenges and our other community initiatives such as the trivia game, loyalty program, and discord shop.

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