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Duelist King — first-generation democratic NFT card game partners with DePay

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DePay allows Duelist King NFT buyers to use any crypto for payment

We are pleased to announce our partnership with DePay. DePay is an innovative Web3 technology, built on decentralized finance that simplifies and improves crypto payments. Duelist King will use the DePay protocol for the sale of its NFT game cards, allowing buyers to purchase NFT assets with any cryptocurrency they want. Duelist King doesn’t discriminate — even if you are a DOGE coin holder!

The partnership has already got off to a great start with the first sale of Duelist King NFTs selling out in just 45 minutes. Every sale was facilitated by DePay which helped Duelist King buyers invest in one of the most exciting NFT card games on the market without any problems.

Partnership scope

Duelist Kings have partnered with DePay so that they can together create another first for the NFT industry. DePay developed a special configuration that enables the compatibility of the payment protocol with Oracles. This meant that Duelist Kings could use the DePay payment system to accept payments for their NFT card sales. It allowed anyone purchasing Duelist King NFTs to do so with any cryptocurrency.

So while Duelist Kings were the first to use the DePay protocol for NFT payments, the partnership has opened the door for future projects to collaborate with DePay and access the benefits that this unique and innovative payment system offers. As well as helping future NFT project owners, it will also help the buyers. They will be able to enjoy a user-friendly platform that makes purchasing NFTs a much easier and more pleasant experience.

DePay has recently announced its NFT collection — Token Evolution

Nothing to see here...

One of the Tokens is DUCAT. Its origin is from the early 1700’s, the DUCAT was one of the first coins accepted as a means of value exchange amongst explorers and was highly treasured by pirates.

DePay announced that DUCAT NFT’s, will be raffled among those wallets that used DePay in order to purchase a Duelist King Mystery Box. Duelist King is releasing its card sales in batches. The next batch will be announced soon. Users are requested to keep an eye out for for the next batch here - https://duelistking.com/package

About DePay

DePay is helping to evolve how people interact with blockchain payments. Before DePay, decentralized payments were inefficient, complicated, and took a lot of effort. Users were forced to exchange their cryptocurrencies on third-party exchanges and then send them to a crypto-specific wallet before they were able to make a purchase. So, for someone holding BTC that wanted to buy an Ethereum-based NFT, it took time, effort, and some technical knowledge to make a payment.

This is not good for the buyer or seller. However, the DePay protocol simplifies the whole process of crypto-purchasing. DePay will convert the buyer’s Cryptocurrency at the point of purchase to the asset(s) selected by the seller. There’s no need to mess around on third-party exchanges, just rock up with what you have and buy what you were always going to buy.

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About Duelist King

Duelist King is not just another NFT card game. The project is revolutionizing the way people buy, collect, play, trade, contribute designs, and earn in NFT card games. It operates on a Win2Earn model which through top-notch gameplay and design, gets players to enjoy the game first, engage with the community second, and finally earn value. This evolves the play-to-earn model by attracting gamers with enjoyable gameplay rather than just earning potential. This creates a more sustainable gaming ecosystem where people are there for the love of the game first and earnings second.

Furthermore, through the power of DAO and tokenization, Duelist Kings have created the first-ever democratic NFT card game where the player’s shape all aspects of the game. For example, Duelist King allows you to customize your deck, choose your own gameplay, design your own game or build a unique tournament that the community can vote on via the DKT (Duelist King Tokens) governance tokens.

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