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Duelist King Joins Forces with Good Games Guild to Democratise NFT Gaming

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Duelist King Joins Forces with NFT Titan GGG

Over the last year, we have been working hard to strengthen our partnerships in the gaming industry. We have collaborated with organisations such as Fantom, who have helped scale the Duelist King brand as we prepare to launch. We at Duelist King are constantly looking to expand our partnerships to democratise NFT gaming. Therefore, we are teaming up with emerging game guilds in South East Asia and across the globe to promote our game.

As a result, we are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with the Good Games Guild (GGG). GGG will work with us to utilise the DAO and tokenisation to promote transparency and democracy within gaming. Our partnership with the guild will strengthen our efforts to democratise NFT gaming.

What is the Good Games Guild?

The Good Games Guild is a gaming hub that seeks to become the largest virtual economy in the world. GGG works to optimise its assets to bring maximum rewards to its users. The guild is not just an organisation; it is a movement that aims to ensure everyone can make a living off of gaming. The guild consists of three key features.

  1. Apply to earn: A feature that allows you to earn from gaming whereby you can sign up as a scholar and play to gain rewards

  2. Rent to earn: You can rent out an NFT and still earn if you don’t have the time to play the game.

  3. Stake to earn: You can stake $GGG to gain exclusive rewards, content, voting rights and participate in DAO.

The organisation aims to introduce token sales, NFT marketplaces, staking, lending features, and more in the future.

Follow GGG here:


DiscordGood Games Guild (discord.com)

TwitterGood Games Guild (@goodgamesguild) / Twitter

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How will the Partnership work?

Our partnership with Good Gaming Guild will help us to democratise NFT gaming. Our mission is to use the DAO and tokenisation to provide transparent and community-driven gaming that is permissionless.

Together, we believe in the power of the DAO to democratise and incentivise players to participate and reap the rewards, allowing you to earn while playing. Our alliance is a match made in heaven, a chance for you to be the master of your destiny.

We launched the Gleam Campaign on December 5th, highlighting our December 15th card sale and will carry out an AMA with the guild featuring our co-founder and CMO Nicole Nguyen on December 13th, to celebrate this coalition. You can submit your AMA questions here.

However, this is only the beginning with more exciting developments in the future. Stay tuned to Duelist King for more information!

A Partnership for the Ages

In summary, we are incredibly proud and excited to be teaming up with Good Gamers Guild to help democratise gaming. We are standing shoulder to shoulder with GGG to bring transparent, community-driven and permissionless gaming to the masses.

Our partnership is the beginning of a thriving alliance that will help to revolutionise the NFT market. We hope you look forward to what this collaboration will bring us as gamers. Thank you again, Good Gamers Guild; it’s a pleasure to have you with us.

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