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Duelist King Lore Book Chapter 10: NORGARD (The Frozen Land)

Duelist King Lore Book Chapter 10- NORGARD (The Frozen Land)

Over the last couple of months, we’ve introduced you to the lore of Duelist King. From the fiery depths of Darvasa to the troll-infested Grayal, you’ve been with us the entire way, adventuring through Duelara.

We want to take you to a frozen wasteland, where little life exists due to the ice-cold temperatures and lack of food. Norgard is the frozen land of Duelaria, barren, frozen badlands covered by ice with temperatures that drop far below freezing point.

Originally a beautiful paradise, lush in nature, an ice empress besieged the territory, turning it to ice.

Extract in NORGARD EG 76:4, the queen:

Long forgotten, Norgard became lost to time and was assumed to be uninhabited, with the queen being perceived dead. That’s until now:

Empress Gwyneira stood firm at the top of her ice castle, clasping her frost staff as she observed the ill demons of the deep invade.

She began to recollect over the good old times when the land of Duelaria was at peace.

Feeling wistful, she sat down on a small blue chair in the centre of her chamber, dwelling over life not bound by bloodshed but love and fortune.

Suddenly she heard a shout, “She’s in here.” Hundreds of orcs, cultists and fire demons poured into her quarters, setting them ablaze with their fiery exteriors.

But instead of moving to fend her palace, she remained seated.

Demons began to envelop her, heckling and condemning the empress.

“What are you going to do now, ehhh princess? We have you surrounded.” One orc shouted ominously.

Looking at her blue-painted nails, she began to speak with carelessness in her voice, “not much, foul creature.” she said

Infuriated, the orc raised his rapier and flung himself at her, but before he could touch the empress, a spear of ice flew through the frigid air, impaling the orc to the wall of the chamber.

Still seated, the empress cried, “Meet my pet”

Abruptly, a huge ice beast, one ten feet tall and covered head to toe in ice, jumped down from the rafters of her abode.

Chortling hysterically, Empress Gwyneira began to sing operatically, “His name is the ice impaler, and you are his prey” “Run, hide, slip and slide, you must know you will now die.”

The ice impaler, one by one, impaled the demons to her icy chamber as his mistress sang, killing the monsters effortlessly to the cadence of her song.

Thus, it seems the empress continues to rule Norgard with an icy fist in preparation for when Duelaria goes to war. Join us next week for our 11th and final lore book, wrapping up this lore series.

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