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Duelist King Makes it Big at WBS Singapore: Hosting Major Keynote Panels

Duelist King Makes it Big at WBS Singapore- Hosting Major Keynote Panels 2

On July 14–15, Duelist King traveled to Singapore for the World Blockchain Summit. The event was a huge success, with thousands of attendees, hundreds of speakers, and talented project leaders taking the stage to share their love for the blockchain.

Duelist King also attended this event with our CMO, Nicole Nguyen moderating numerous panels with the likes of Coinbase and even Polygon Technology. Nicole successfully moderated the discussions, navigating attendees through Defi and Crypto Adoption at an ecosystem, institutional and regulatory level.

Nicole also hosted panels alongside the Algorand Foundation, Copper.co, and CoinDCX. These events show us the sheer growth of the blockchain industry. Our attendance at the Singapore World Blockchain Summit once again put Duelist King on the map, highlighting our world-leading vision for NFT gaming.

The World Blockchain Summit is one of the largest blockchain events on the planet. Hosted between 14–15th July, WBS is an elite global gathering of the brightest web3 minds. The summit features keynotes, pitch competitions, and investor meetups, facilitating networking and industry use case examples for blockchain technology.

For more information about the event and future events Duelist King might be attending, make sure to check out our website.

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