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Duelist King: November Update

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Welcome to the Duelist King Universe!

We want to give a massive welcome to all the members of the community and say a huge thank you! We have hit some amazing milestones in the last few weeks.

From a range of partnerships to help us build a sustainable ecosystem, followed by exciting community activities and the increasing popularity of $DKT, here is what you missed.

Partnerships were crucial in helping Duelist King grow and have a successful launch.

  • DK — Dual Launch of IDO on OccamFi and IFO on PancakeSwap

  • First gamefi project in 6 months to be featured on PancakeSwap

  • Strategic investment from as one of the first NFT & Gaming DApps built on the scalable, high-throughput, and extremely low fees of blockchain

  • an Airdrop and Staking Bonus for $DKT with Impossible Finance with a total of 50,000 DKT were available to participants!

  • Duelist King tied up with GenPad to start the whitelisting process for NFT offerings

  • TWO security audits from HAECHI Audits with ZERO major and Minor issues found!

Duelist King Token ($DKT)

  • DK became the most popular IDO on Occamrazer — Record-breaking IDO with 166,000 $DKT SOLD OUT

  • In less than 24 hours from IFO launch on 27th, Duelist King had $2,000,000 in liquidity and USD $9 million in Volume

  • $DKT Skyrocketed to ATH of $11.8 right after it


  • ROI since IFO: 225%

  • Farming pool APR: 231%

  • DKT Syrup Pool: 10th highest APY on PancakeSwap

Community Activities

  • A strong and growing community with over 65K followers on Telegram and Twitter

  • Duelist King kickstarted a month-long celebration following its successful IFO and IDO to give back to the community

  • Members also had the opportunity to create Duelist King-based memes, winners were voted by the community through a poll

  • Art contest with Ludena & Enjin ending soon: a chance to create digital artwork referencing Duelist King card designs and win prizes worth $5000 USD

  • A #Win2Earn action-packed month with Halloween, Quizzes, AMA, and Mini games for the community

  • Over $12000 USD in prizes distributed to community members in less then a month

Up Next!

Blockchain Game Developer of the Year?

We are nominated for the Noonies award 2021 (Hosted by Hackernoon) under the Blockchain Game Developer of the year category! Voting will begin on the 15th of November.

A thrilling lineup of activities :

  • Weekly investor spotlight

  • Mini game events on Telegram and Discord

  • Interactive #AMA sessions with partners

All activities are packed & loaded with exciting prizes in NFT’s + $DKT worth over $1000 USD to keep you entertained. Stay tuned to our socials for more information!

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