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Duelist King Partners with Guilds to Educate the Masses

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Two weeks ago, we announced our strategic partnership with the Good Games Guild (GGG), highlighting how we will work with the gaming guild to democratise gaming. This blog will detail how gaming guilds, in general, are educating their members and how Duelist King is working with our guild partners to enlighten gamers and bring NFTs and the Blockchain mainstream.

What is a DAO Gaming Guild?

The DAO gaming guild is a community-driven organisation that puts you in the driving seat. It uses the DAO to bring players together to earn from gaming democratically and transparently.

Guilds are created to bring the Metaverse to us. The “Metaverse” will soon take over and be intrinsically connected to our social lives. As coined by Neal Stephenson in his seminal novel “Snow Crash” in 1992, the “Metaverse” is a place where people can interact online using digital avatars in virtual reality.

NFTs like VR and AR are one step closer to realising this reality. Gaming guilds seek to use NFTs to realise the Metaverse, making the virtual world an actuality. They aim to create an ecosystem for all their guild members, creating an inclusive environment using the DAO. Gaming guilds also offer many educational opportunities.

Educating Through Guilds

Within the South-East Asia region, there are many gaming guilds. Examples include the Good Gaming Guild, Yield Guild Games and the Avacado Guild. Although many guilds in East Asia differ in size, scope, and purpose, they all have a similar characteristic: the DAO.

Due to the decentralised nature of the DAO, in design and ethos, the DAO is the perfect tool for education. The DAO gives members decision-making powers, meaning that members can better understand how the guild is run.

For example, our partner, the Good Games Guild, is leading the way in this regard, educating its members through the NFT acquisition process and market acceptance. Thus, providing members with the knowledge and insight needed to navigate the platform effectively.

Consequently, placing power in the hands of guild members ensures that members are more informed about decisions, educating them in the process about the blockchain and NFTs.

Furthermore, the gaming guilds provide a more collaborative experience for their members due to the nature of the DAO. The DAO facilitates cooperation and collaboration between members to ensure that the guild functions correctly.

As a result, collaboration and partnership can facilitate greater knowledge sharing and thus more education for its members. Yield Guild Gaming is one of the largest guilds on the market. The guild was founded in 2018 by gaming industry veteran Gabby Dizon in the Philippians. The guilds collective nature ensures that gamers are educated as they play to earn within the organisation due to the sheer size of the platform.

Similarly, due to the incentivised character of the DAO, members of gaming guilds have incentives to play to earn and work together, learning in the process. Examples include the Avacado Guild, a startup blockchain company founded by Brendan Wong. Avocado Guild uses the DAO to educate its members on the benefits of crypto gaming while assisting them in understanding how the Defi space can change their lives.

Lastly, due to members shaping the guild’s operations, they are in charge of their NFT education, opening up opportunities for members to shape how these guilds work. Thus, providing more educational benefits for guild members in the long run. The Avacado Guild supports this, empowering members through education and cryptoliteracy.

All in all, gaming guilds within the South East Asia region are helping to revolutionise gaming and education through the DAO. The DAO facilitates cooperation, power-sharing and incentivisation, which is transforming education.

DK is Partnering with Guilds to Educate the Mainstream

At Duelist King, we work with our gaming guild partners to make NFTs and Blockchain mainstream through education and cooperation. Partnerships with the Good Games Guild and GuildFi Thailand are just two examples of working with our guild partners to educate gamers.

As outlined above, these guilds operate in numerous ways to inform gamers and guild members about NFTs and the Blockchain. Therefore we stand shoulder to shoulder with our partners in bringing these mainstream through education. These extensive partnerships will educate the mainstream, with increased cooperation enabling further educational opportunities.

Our mission is to make gaming transparent and community-driven, creating a decentralised experience. Games are often dictated by powerful stakeholders and higher-ups that are not accountable. Duelist King wants to change this through these educational partnerships.

Through our efforts to democratise gaming and NFTs via DAO and tokenisation, we strive to educate the mainstream on NFTs and the Blockchain with our guild partners.

Overall, we are educating people on NFTs and the Blockchain through our partnerships with gaming guilds such as the Good Games Guild. As a result, in collaboration with these guilds, we will educate to make NFTs and Blockchain mainstream.

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