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Duelist King Teams up With HundredDAO in Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with the worlds first NFT based DAO, HundredDAO. This strategic partnership between both Duelist King and HundredDAO will enable both parties to integrate resources for an in-depth alliance that is sure to shake up the NFT scene.

Innovating Through DAO

The partnership will involve strategic cooperation on brand building, game research/development, and NFT issuance and trading. Likewise, this alliance will bolster DAO community operation and governance through a metaverse ecological alliance across both platforms.

The alliance is a perfect fit for both parties. Both Duelist King and HunderedDAO are innovators on the blockchain scene. HundredDAO launched three months ago, building a robust community establishing its native governance token known as Hundred NFT.

The platform is leading the way in terms of DAO governance and is a market leader in this regard. Similarly, the platform conducts research into the blockchain and has even deployed its game guild, and membership features alongside other key elements.

In terms of Duelist King, we are innovators on the blockchain gaming scene, with key features such as DAO governance and dRNG, making our platform stand out from the crowd. Duelist King is a first generational NFT card game built around Win2Earn and powered by Dual Launch via OccamRazer IDO and PancakeSwap IFO.

As a result, both HundredDAO and Duelist King are innovators within the blockchain NFT space. Both our platforms use the power of DAO to give back ownership to our respective communities, ensuring a democratised experience for our users.

This strategic partnership will help both platforms innovate further in the market with DAO. Some might say this alliance is a match made in heaven.

Thank you for joining us, HundredDAO. It is great to have you with us.

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