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Duelist King ($DKT) RSS Feed Integration With Crypto.com Price Page

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You can now access Duelist King’s RSS news feed through our Duelist King (DKT) Price Page on Crypto.com. This exciting new feature will enable members of Crypto.com to get the latest information regarding Duelist King, including news, updates, and market data.

Stay on top of DK Card Sales with RSS Feed Integration

RSS feed integration with our DKT price page means that users of Crypto.com can find out the latest information about Duelist King. It lets Duelist King share updates directly with the Crypto.com community. The news section will enable members to get a better insight into the inner workings of Duelist King and its market data. Likewise, widgets will be displayed above the RSS feed displaying the latest price information of our DKT token.

RSS feed integration comes after releasing our second batch of Duelist King cards on December 15th, which sold 20,000 mystery boxes lightning-fast. The drop exceeded all expectations and was supported by our partners at Fantom Foundation. The cards featured brand new designs, allowing both veteran and new players to upgrade their decks.

Integrating the Duelist King RSS news feed with Crypto.com will allow Duelist King enthusiasts to stay up to date regarding future sales of our Duelist King cards, ensuring that you will never miss out when we announce a future drop. As a result, you can stay on top of subsequent card sales.

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The platform has over 10 million active users from around 90 different countries. Crpyto.com makes it simple to trade currency across borders, allowing you to trade DKT with ease for fiat and other coins. Thus, it is with great pleasure that we can further integrate our Duelist King platform with Crypto.com.

As you know, our mission at Duelist King is to democratize NFT gaming, putting power back in the hands of players, creating a community-owned ecosystem. Further integration with Crypto.com will enable us to reach a wider audience, helping you to stay up to date with our mission. Thank you Crypto.com for your continued partnership.

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