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Duelist King V3 Card Tease: Roaming Fortress

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Over the last few weeks, we have asked you, the community, to help us flesh out our card stories. As expected, you have given great feedback, allowing us to improve them.

We cannot thank you enough for your input; your help has been invaluable. This week will be the last chance to input your ideas into our V3 card stories.

We cannot wait to show you the rest of our V3 card stories at the end of this month. We hope you enjoyed the stories and are looking forward to when we drop these exclusive cards.

Introducing Roaming Fortress

This week, we want your help in improving our Roaming Fortress V3 card story. The Roaming Fortress is a colossal beast infused with magic and technology. It is so large and strong it is used in war as a fortress. In the card story below, you will find the origin story of the Roaming Fortress, born from the heart of the Dwarven Kingdom of Erebor.

Created by the fusion of magic and technology, this golem was created to be the safest fortress during a war.

Roaming Fortress Card Story

Aforetime, dwarfs in the Kingdom of Erebor began smelting metal. Like clockwork, dwimmer-crafty dwarfs, those with the power to levitate objects employed their ability to merge the metal pieces to create various shapes.

One by one, the dwarfs extracted the metal from ore, passing it to their brethren to be joined together. Apace, the dwarfs began to sing in a baritone voice:

“Far over Erebor Sun”

“For whence the Dwarfs begun.”

“Pride we have, for not we shun.”

“For great Erebor, we serve until done.”

Stopping for a second to catch their breath, the dwarves continued to sing.

“From mountains deep, we gather the materials we seek.”

“Until the day we sleep.”

“Roaming Fortress, stand tall, for you shall protect this Kingdom until it falls”

The dwarves stopped singing, standing back as they finished the masterwork.

For they had just built the Roaming Fortress, a being infused with magic and technology, the vowed protector of the Kingdom of Erebor.

Thenceforward the Roaming fortress would protect the Kingdom from the nethermost darkness. But only time will tell if the mighty fortress is enough to propel the oncoming wickedness.

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