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Duelist King x Hackernoon: AMA Recap


Duelist King prides itself on its cutting-edge NFT gameplay on the blockchain and high-level community engagement. It also prides itself on its partnerships and alliances with some of the biggest names in the industry.

One of these is Hackernoon, a leading technology publication. Last week, our very own CMO and co-founder, Nicole Nguyen, was hosted on the Hackernoon slack platform Slogging for an AMA. This blog will recap the AMA in all its glory.

To start, the Hackernoon team asked Nicole about the most recent Duelist King card sales, with them selling 500,000 worth of NFTs over the last six months. Nicole explained Duelist King's community-driven approach, which has helped Duelist King amass a large active community and such high numbers of card sales. 

Nicole then detailed the recently released Duelist King closed alpha, explaining how to sign up for the alpha, who was whitelisted for it, and what gamers are experiencing when they start playing the game.

Members of the Hackernoon community then asked Nicole about the role of NFTs in DK and how Duelist King differs from its nearest competitors on the market, such as Gods Unchained. Through its DAO and eventual incentivized Win2Earn tournaments, Nicole explained that Duelist King would be sustainable and stand out within the NFT space.

Furthermore, Nicole answered broader questions regarding the vision of major metaverse players such as Meta and The Sandbox and how NFTs thrive despite the bad press and backlash from mainstream gamers.

Nicole gave the Hackernoon community insight into the origins of Duelist King and its inspirations while answering difficult questions regarding the game's barriers to entry compared to other gaming titles; Nicole explained: 

"We will offer the Free2Play alongside the Standard version. The F2P is for experimenting with the gameplay and comes with no rewards. The Standard version requires 22 cards at the minimum to start playing, and that costs 22 USD if you buy directly from us."

"In our last two batches, we sold 500K NFTs at a flat price of 1 USD per card or 5 USD per 5 cards in one mystery box. The cool thing is you can get anywhere from a Common to a Legendary card with just 1 USD since we run on-chain random distribution of the cards, and the community can verify the whole process on blockchain."

To wrap up, our CMO highlighted how Duelist King keeps its active community-engaged and how people can get involved with Duelist King. Once again, we would like to thank the Hackernoon community for hosting this AMA. 

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