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Key Trends, Lessons and the Future of NFT Gaming

Key Trends, Lessons and the Future of NFT Gaming

Over the last couple of months, Duelist King has been traveling the globe to attend web3 conferences. Alongside quality networking, Duelist King and the Orochi Network have gathered information about the latest trends and caught wind of what is coming in the blockchain space.

This feature-length blog will cover what we have learned from our most recent travels, specifically from our attendance at NFT NYC and the Singapore Blockchain conference.


One trend that Duelist King is keeping on top of is interoperability. Currently, in the space, we are seeing projects collaborate to make them stand out from the crowd. Games like Bulliverse are leading the way in this regard, enabling the use of NFTs within their game world.

Duelist King is also leading the way by collaborating with the best NFT gaming projects on the planet to increase the interoperability of the Duelist King game world. In the future, expect to see more information about this as we head towards beta and beyond.

Similarly, interoperability is at the core of the Orochi Network. Orochi is the one-stop infrastructure for decentralized gaming. It is a highly secure wallet that will enable you to store your NFTs without hassle, facilitating interoperability across NFTs and game worlds. Thus, it is the perfect tool for interoperability.

Market Suppression

Throughout our travels, we also see increased skepticism towards NFTs, blockchain, and NFT gaming in general. A common concern is that the blockchain does not solve a problem but adds additional gameplay features.

This common concern is unfounded, with the blockchain providing endless benefits to gamers regarding player ownership, security, and utility. At Duelist King, through our unique blockchain features such as dRNG and our blockchain protocols, we put you, the player, first in enabling you to own all your digital assets fairly and transparently.

The Orochi Network stands out in this regard too. From a high-security multisig wallet to an integrated multichain interface, Orochi ensures your assets are secure at all times while making sure that you, the gamer, feel in complete control of them through our gamer-centric design.

But why is this important? You might ask. Well, in the mainstream gaming space, publishers and developers often take advantage of gamers through microtransactions and other means of digital asset control. Thus, the blockchain and its encompassing entities such as Duelist King and Orochi solve a problem: the fundamental issues associated with player ownership in the mainstream gaming market.

The Need to Build

Furthermore, during our travels, we have seen the market’s saturation in times when perhaps sentiment is low due to the bear market. What does this point towards?

Easy, the need to continue to build in times of market depression and when competition is high. Here at Duelist King, we are constantly building, with the release of our spectator feature soon and other initiatives which will position Duelist King as the leading NFT card game on the market. Likewise, with the Orochi Network, we are also building fast, with an extensive roadmap into 2025, which will see the network transform the gaming industry.

Final Thoughts

We have learned a lot from our travels across the globe, including key trends and takeaways that we can use to improve Duelist King and our Orochi Network offering. For more information about both products, check out their websites.

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