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Meet the DK Team: Mary Tran (Chief Growth Officer)

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With any brand or company, it is important to have a forward-facing approach. As Duelist King gets bigger and more successful, we want to give you insight behind the scenes. As part of this mini-series, we will introduce you to the important members of the Duelist King team every week.

First up is Mary Tran, one of the Duelist King co-founders and our growth manager. Mary has been influential in growing the Duelist King brand. Read more about her below.

Mary Tran is the growth manager at Duelist King, with a wealth of experience. She initially started at Cardano Foundation in 2016 - the first lab to research and develop technology on top of Cardano. After a rebranding to Infinity Blockchain Labs (IBL), Mary switched her focus to work on the lab's marketing events and partnerships.

In 2018, Mary left IBL and moved to Binance, working as country lead and growth marketing specialist for SEA. Following a tenure of three years, Mary joined OKEx in 2021 as its SEA marketing operations manager. She is now a Co-Founder and CGO of Duelist King.

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