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NFT Trends and the Future of Games on the Blockchain

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The NFT market is shifting and so is gaming. We are not only seeing the market shift away from the hype associated with cryptocurrency and NFTs but a pivot towards high-quality gaming recognizable in the mainstream. In this blog, we will outline the latest trends in the NFT gaming scene and how Duelist King is conforming to them.

Aggressive Marketing

Gone are the days of hype and the ability to grow based on the sheer momentum of the market. NFT games are having to introduce aggressive marketing tactics to reach new audiences and grow their projects. As a result of this, project leaders are not only planning year-long marketing programs but teaming up with agencies to gain an advantage over their competitors.

Here at Duelist King, we are adopting high-level marketing initiatives to take Duelist King to the next level. This not only includes engaging social media posts, and blogs (like this) but mini-games within our discord and Telegram. Thus, from the beginning Duelist King has been fully committed to high-quality marketing tactics that utilize the talents of our global marketing team.

Quality of Games

Another NFT gaming trend is the shift toward quality over quantity, but what do we mean by this? Well, the evolution from a market saturated by low-quality games to one consisting of fewer games but of higher quality. Thus currently, we are seeing lower-quality projects that rely on market hype to float, start to dissipate.

While the game projects of high quality flourish, such as Duelist King and The Sandbox. This is due to two reasons. Firstly, the transition of an increased number of mainstream gamers over to NFT gaming, and more mainstream developers developing high-quality experiences in the space.

Since the conception of Duelist King, we have made gameplay one of our core focuses. We put gameplay first above tokenmonics and market hype, to create an NFT card trading game that is not only fun to play but one that is comparable if not better than traditional mainstream card games.


Interoperability is another key trend in the NFT gaming industry. Projects are starting to collaborate with one another to grow their respective audiences and intertwine their game worlds. Duelist King is also looking to do this. As our CMO Nicole Nguyen pointed out in he interview with the Metaverse Insider:

“We are speaking with a couple of game projects and guilds and starting some game interoperability for our NFT cards and in-game items. I think it will be super exciting to have this borderless and interoperable Metaverse that mirrors reality and extends beyond the aggregate physical worlds we live in.”

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Duelist King is continually looking at the NFT gaming trends to stay on top of the market. We are not only implementing market-leading marketing programs but developing a world-class game that seeks to collaborate with projects globally, to transform gaming.

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