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Partnership is Key at Duelist King: Here’s Why

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The past few weeks have been a busy time for Duelist King. We not only got listed on MEXC but strengthened our partnerships with key players in the NFT industry through several Twitter Spaces events, podcasts, and AMAs. Here at Duelist King, partnerships are key to realizing the full potential of our game.

Cooperative Alliances are Critical for any Business

Having a strong lineup of partners is crucial for success for any business or organization. Through cooperative alliances, an organization can learn from its mistakes and use the wealth of the collective to solve some of the most challenging issues in business. From the smallest coffee shop to the largest corporation like Apple, all require a robust number of partners to help them navigate the rocky road of business. 

As mentioned in previous blogs, at Duelist King, we pride ourselves on our partnerships. In essence, our partnerships help take Duelist King to new heights. For example, some of our key partners are currently trying out the Duelist King game alpha, providing valuable feedback, much like yours, to our development teams. Our CMO Nicole Nguyen had this to say about partner feedback in a recent interview with the Metaverse Insider:

"Our Alpha version will launch this March, followed by the beta version in June. We are now open for registration for our closed alpha version here. We will keep the communication line open with the community and guild partners to collect feedback and fine-tune our upcoming versions."

As a result, our partnerships are key to realizing the full potential of Duelist King. Our partner feedback is consequential in improving our game as a result. 

Similarly, since Duelist King's conception, we have partnered with some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry, such as being supported by Fantom, Polygon, and Cronos. 

Furthermore, over the last few months, we've partnered with leading Blockchain initiatives like Gamerse, HundedDAO, Cheesus, and recently MEXC. We were voted onto the platform, with users contributing 8,558,209.72485479 MX to vote for $DKT.

In addition, another pillar of our partnership strategy is AMA's and community/partnership engagement through the likes of Twitter spaces and other organic ways to engage with external and internal communities. Two weeks ago, our CMO, Nicole Nguyen, featured on Hackernoon for an AMA, and last week, chatted with Guild Radio for an exclusive session on their podcast. 

Furthermore, Nicole featured on Twitter Spaces sessions with prominent industry platforms such as OIG Capital and the Seascape Network and participated in AMAs with the likes of M3TA. These collaborative sessions have not only been beneficial for our partnerships but have allowed Duelist King to expand its reach. 

Partner with us!

Strong partnerships are key to any successful business, and Duelist King is no different. Our alliances are critical in helping us to improve our game and to spread the word about Duelist King. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners for their support in making Duelist King a reality. Thank you!

If you want to partner with us. Make sure to reach out via the following communication channels:

✅Website: https://duelistking.com/
✅Twitter: https://twitter.com/duelistkingnft
✅Telegram group: https://t.me/DuelistKingNFT

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