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Happy New Year, Duelist King fans, and welcome to the first newsletter of 2022. 2021 was a fantastic year for Duelist King, and 2022 looks even better. Over the last two weeks, the Duelist King team has been busy preparing for Q1 of 2022. This newsletter edition will cover our activities over the last couple of weeks as we prepare for the rest of Q1 and the launch of our next set of cards in February.

Major Accomplishments

  • Duelist King formed new partnerships by partaking in events like the App Works Wen3 GSEA event and collaborating with new partners like TofuNFT.

  • Integrated partnerships further with platforms such as Crypto.com.

  • Teased our brand new V3 cards to our community

  • We introduced new community activities and events, such as the Discord Shop and community loyalty programs.

  • We launched social media campaigns to ask fans to vote for Duelist King on

    Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Watcher Guru, CryptoPlanet, CoinSniper and GemHunters.

  • We released our latest blog, covering how we work with gaming guilds such as the Good Games Guild to educate the mainstream about NFTs and Blockchain. You can read the blog here.


Crypto.com- Duelist King integrated further with Crypto.com. You can now access our RSS news feed through our DKT price page, enabling you to get all the latest information regarding Duelist King, including news and market data from the website. Crypto.com is one of the leading cryptocurrency hubs. Thus we are proud to announce further integration with the website. You can read more about the integration here.

TofuNFT- TofuNFT is an NFT marketplace focused on Gamefi and collectables. Our multi-level cooperation agreement with TofuNFT will help users trade their NFT cards with ease. It will allow the future implementation of $DKT as payment.

Fintech Open Innovation Week- Our CMO, Nicole Nguyen, spoke at the FinTech open innovation week. FinTech Open Innovation aims to bring together the brightest minds in FinTech to accelerate the FinTech ecosystem. The event featured prominent speakers from IBM, Deloitte Malaysia and other organisations.

App Works Wen3 GSEA event- Duelist King joined leading players in the Web3 and Defi industries at the Web3 GSEA event. The event was hosted by Appworks and featured CMO Nicole Nguyen, who participated.

Community Activities

  • We teased three of our V3 cards, Dragon Slayer, Kerberos and Bone Cadre.We launched a competition for fans on Twitter regarding the cards. The winner of each card competition will win three exclusive Duelist King mystery boxes.

  • Our Discord shop opened — the shop enables you to farm valuable $DKT, which you can use to buy Duelist King mystery boxes. You can sign up to the Duelist King discord and start farming $DKT

  • We launched a community loyalty program. We awarded our most loyal Duelist King community members with rewards. You can earn loyalty points by being an active member and participating in our daily quizzes on Telegram. The prize pool for the loyalty program is $1000’s worth of mystery boxes, so make sure to join our telegram group.

  • You can now game on the weekends with Duelist King. Every Saturday and Sunday, we post minigames on our telegram group for fans. The players with the highest scores in these games will win $DKT.

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