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Purchase Guide: Duelist King NFT Cards Sale

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Hi Duelist King community! We are pleased to announce the second batch of NFT cards to be sold on December 15, 2021. As you may know, the first batch of NFT cards mystery boxes sold out within 45 minutes, confirming massive demand for our product. In this second card sale we will only sell 20,000 boxes ~ 100,000 cards, let’s try to be even faster this time around

Here are detailed instructions to help you participate in this event:

Step 01: Access our official website: https://duelistking.com/ and then click the Sign-In button on the top-right.

Step 02: sign in here, if you already have a Duelist King account, you can use it to log in and proceed to the next step.

Alternatively, you can quickly register yourself a new account by clicking on the Register. Besides, you can also use your Google, Facebook account or Metamask wallet to proceed with instant login.

Step 03: After successfully logging in, please click on the Purchase button at the top of the website.

Step 04: After the sales interface appears, if you have not connected your wallet to the Duelist King website, please click on the Connect Wallet button to start the transaction.

Step 05: Select the number of mystery boxes you want to buy (you can enter the referral code to get 10% off), and click the “Buy” button to complete the transaction.

Important: You can buy up to 500 boxes in 1 transaction.

You can use stablecoins, BSC tokens or $DKT to make payment.

Those are all the steps to help you successfully buy Duelist King cards, you can check the cards you received by visiting the “Inventory” section on our website. Good luck!

Frequently asked questions

  1. How many cards does a mystery box include?

Answer: Every box contains five cards of random rarity.

2. How much does each box cost?

Answer: Each box costs $5. You can buy at a lower price by using referral code for 10% off.In addition, we also have a bulk discount program. If buying in quantities of 10 boxes or more, you will receive an additional discount from 10% to a maximum of 30%. You can find out more information about this program here.

3. What is the maximum number of boxes that a person can buy ?

Answer: As mentioned above, you can buy up to 500 boxes in 1 transaction. However, there is no restriction on the number of transactions that a person can do .

4. Where can I check the cards I bought?

Answer: You can check your cards by going to our website, and click on Inventory button (make sure you have connected your wallet to us).

5. On which blockchain are the cards issued?

Answer: In this sale, they are issued on Fantom’s blockchain network.

6. OpenSea and Refinable are working only on Ethereum/Polygon. How can I buy/sell the new NFT cards on the open markets?

Answer: They are issued on Fantom’s blockchain network, so you can buy/sell them at Fantom’s two largest NFT exchanges, Paintswap and Artion.

7. If I’ve participated in the first card sale, can I expect to unbox the same cards as before?

Answer: We will have different designs in the second one. You don’t have to worry about getting duplicates of your current collection . It would also be great to grab as many cards as possible this time around as most of the cards might not be available in the next card sale

8. Do I need FTM to open mystery boxes?

Answer: Yes. You can check your mystery boxes in the inventory section of our website. To open them, you need some FTM in your wallet. Don’t worry too much about fees because you only need to pay a few cents for a transaction

9. How can I add Fantom Network to Metamask?

Answer: Follow this guide : https://docs.fantom.foundation/tutorials/set-up-metamask

10. How is the discount for using $DKT calculated?

Regarding payments in $DKT, the price for 1 box has been fixed as : 1 box = 1.8 DKT. How much you save for paying with DKT compared to using stablecoins/BNB is dependent on the fluctuation of the $DKT price (1 DKT = 2,18$ at the moment of publication)

About Duelist King

Duelist King is the first generational NFT card built around the Win2Earn narrative and powered by in-house Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Oracle, and Random Number Generator.

As the first NFT game powered by Dual Launch via OccamRazer IDO and PancakeSwap IFO, Duelist King is built on BSC and Cardano and supported by Fantom, Polygon, and Cronos (powered by crypto.com) to provide a cross-chain supporting platform for NFTs and later Duelist King tokens.

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