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The Duelist King Discord Server: Explained

The Duelist King Discord Server

Here at Duelist King, we constantly seek to expand our social media presence and verticals. As part of this effort, we have been busy expanding our presence on Discord. This article will explain how we have expanded our offering on Discord and what it will mean for you, the community.

Why Discord

Discord is one of the most successful social media platforms on the planet, particularly because of its fantastic community facilitation features. Due to these features, crypto projects, NFT communities, and blockchain companies are using Discord to increase their community engagement.

As you know, Duelist King has been at the forefront of community engagement initiatives. Thus, we have been using Discord for the last year. Now we are planning on taking our discord server to the next level.

How will we do that, you may ask? Well through a Duelist King-style leveling system. A bespoke system not seen anywhere else, a system built for you, the community, one that rewards you for your efforts through NFTs.

The Duelist King Leveling System

Okay, so we’ve hyped up our leveling system, but what actually is it? Here’s the rundown:

The Duelist King Discord server is split into several levels: Disciple, Alchemist, Wizard, Mercenary, and Dragon Slayer.

For each level, you must level up to the next stage, with Disciple being the lowest-ranked level and Dragon Slayer being the highest. To level up, each Discord user will need to engage with other members of the Duelist King Discord server to increase their level.

But that’s not it! The higher your level, the more NFT rewards you will earn. The rewards are as follows:

  1. LVL 1–5–15: XP,

  2. LVL 10–15: NFTs

  3. LVL 15–25: NFTs

  4. LVL 25–50: BOX NFTs

  5. LVL 50: Other discounts+BOX NFTs

Thus, the more you engage in our community, the higher your level and the greater your chance of rewards.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Duelist King Discord server has evolved and for the better. We are offering you exclusive NFT rewards for engagement, something we will continue to strive toward in the future. For more information about this new leveling system, join our discord and start leveling

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