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What is the Metaverse, and why is it Important for Duelist King?

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In the realms of tech and futurism, there is one word that excites technology gurus, that being the Metaverse or Web3. Over the last year, the idea of the Metaverse has taken the world by storm. From the average citizen to the big multinational corporation, everyone is getting excited about the next big thing in the evolution of the internet. In short, the Metaverse is the growth and development of the internet, its third wave, the emergence of Web3. 

This educational blog will explore what the Metaverse is, diving into how Duelist King fits in the wider Web3 space.  

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is the next extension of the internet. It is the full realization of a digital virtual world that is completely immersive. When thinking about Web3, many imagine it to be of a similar ilk to the movie Ready Player One, directed by Stephen Spielberg, but this is not strictly true. The Metaverse will embody many technologies, from virtual reality to NFTs and digital currency marketplaces. In effect, Web3 will encompass technologies that make us more connected to the internet, ones that strive to give us greater immersion. 

Nowadays, we see many technologies like NFTs, crypto, etc., on the market. Thus many argue that we are already in the Metaverse. Similarly, we see mini metaverses built within popular video games like Fortnite and Roblox, encompassing digital communities. Therefore, whether we like it or not, we are quickly approaching or are already in the Metaverse. As technology evolves, we will see greater Web3 immersion. 

But what does the Metaverse mean for Duelist King? The next section of this blog will answer this question.

The Duelist King Metaverse 

As you know, Duelist King is a game powered by the Blockchain. It is a first generational NFT card game that aims to transform how people play, earn and enjoy their games through state-of-the-art gameplay, out-of-this-world asset design, alongside the model of win2earn. Our game is built on the Cardano and BSC Blockchains and supported by Polygon, Fantom, and Cronos. Thus, Duelist King is intrinsically connected to the future of Blockchain technology.

The Metaverse will embody a great deal of Blockchain technology. Therefore, Duelist King is already in this Metaverse ecosystem. But to what extent will Duelist King have its own Metaverse or be part of the wider Web3 environment? Our Co-Founder and CEO, Dũng Trần, had this to say about Duelist King's place in the Metaverse:

"Currently, Duelist King is not big enough to have its Metaverse. In the future, I see Duelist King as a game platform that can provide the tools and infrastructure for larger Metaverse providers. We will try to plug the gaps in terms of what is missing in the Metaverse."- CEO Dũng Trần.

As Dũng pointed out, currently, Duelist King is not big enough to have its own Metaverse, but that does not mean Duelist King won't help build it! We will work with larger providers in the space to provide infrastructure and tools to help develop the wider Metaverse. Similarly, in an interview with the Metaverse Insider, our CMO, Nicole Nguyen, also explained more about Web3 and where she sees Duelist King fitting in the space. 

"We are speaking with a couple of game projects and guilds and starting some game interoperability for our NFT cards and in-game items. I think it will be super exciting to have this borderless and interoperable Metaverse that mirrors reality and extends beyond the aggregate physical worlds we live in."- CMO Nicole Nguyen.

Consequently, as Nicole mentions, this overlap is another angle Duelist King wants to adopt in the Metaverse. Bridging the gap between worlds in Web3 will create opportunities for collaborative crossovers, such as Duelist King characters in other games and vis versa. Therefore, the Metaverse space presents many lucrative opportunities for Duelist King.

Final Thoughts

Overall, in this educational blog, we have covered what the Metaverse is, how it will shape the internet and how Duelist King will fit inside it. As highlighted, Duelist King will help plug the gaps in Web3, helping to provide infrastructure with main players in the industry. Similarly, the Metaverse presents many opportunities for collaboration due to the rapidly evolving nature of the space; we cannot wait to get started!

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