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Winning Awards and Demo Prep: DK Achieves the Incredible

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Hey Duelist King allies, it’s been a while. Our development teams have been working around the clock to finalise gameplay ready for the release of our game demo. Once again, we would like to thank you for your patience in the delay of our demo.

This week’s newsletter will cover what Duelist King has been doing over the last few weeks in preparation for the demo and how we are working hard to bring you the best possible version of the game.

Major Accomplishments

  • We launched our early access sign up, allowing you to sign up for our game demo. Over 20,000 of you signed up. Which we are incredibly grateful for. We want to thank you for your patience. Don’t worry; you will get your hands on it soon; our development teams are giving it the finishing touches.

  • We released more of our V3 card stories, including the Bone Cadre V3 card and teased more of our cards. Such as the Roaming fortress and Remus Ripper. Our card stories for the cards are finished, we are looking forward to sharing them with you soon.

  • On Medium, we released several technical blogs, such as those focused on the

    and a playbook for our demo. The playbook outlined everything you need to know about the demo and what you can expect when you get your hands on it. You can read it

  • We secured the Hackernoon Noonies 2021 runner up position for Blockchain developer of the year. We beat Blockchain gaming giants such as The Sandbox. Thus, we could not be prouder of this accomplishment. Thank you to those who voted for us!

  • We promoted our $DKT token outlining the benefits of holding the token. If you don’t know already, being a holder of the token will enable you to gain early access to the game and get other perks. Read more about the benefits


Our CMO Nicole Nguyen featured on Tech in Asia, explaining Vietnam’s crypto boom while giving Duelist King the spotlight.

We participated in AMA’s with Moonwalker and teamed up with the Synapse Network to give away NFT mystery boxes.

We formed a strategic partnership with Hundred DAO. This strategic partnership will enable both parties to integrate resources for cooperation, game development and community engagement.

Community Engagement

We launched several Telegram AMA’s and Twitter spaces events with you the community. On the 27th of January, we hosted a Twitter spaces event with our CEO/founder Chiro and even held an AMA with our game producer Vincent Bui on Telegram. This AMA was a hit, with Vincent going into detail about gameplay.

We kept up our games at the weekend, such as Doozie Dunks, offering you the chance to win $DKT for participation. DK games at the weekend are a core component of our community engagement. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

On Telegram, we launched our Duelist King Trivia game, enabling you to win 10 NFT mystery boxes if you correctly answer trivia about the game. This game was a huge success. We cannot wait to host more of these trivia-style games.

We continued to build and grow our Discord shop and community loyalty program. Both these initiatives have been a huge success.

Finally, we celebrated valentines day with you, engaging you on Twitter and social media with tongue in cheek activities. You loved these contests, so we are looking to do more of these activities shortly.

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